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Thursday, February 24, 2005

latina bikini

We planned a day of fun. A place to Latin Pussy meet where we don't have to waste too much time travelling. Throughout the previous day, we would leave each-other notes. Teasing notes either on voice mail, email or some instant message service.

Not meaning to at first, the messages gay latin porn one another become more and more teasing, then erotic and finally explicit.

Refraining from such talk with a great amount of difficulty the night before on the phone, we decide to go to bed early.

I barely get any sleep, thinking about the notes, the words, she left me.

The next day, latin sex stories get up early. Washed, packed and out of the apartment at a record time. I get to the fourth floor of the five floor indoor garage early. I lean against the car waiting for her. I decide to check my voice mail. She had left me a message the night before. Apparently she barely got any sleep either. I close my eyes and listened to the message. Her voice so sultry and intoxicating, I decided to sit on the hood of the car and lean against the windshield.

By the end of the message, I've become obviously excited. I saved the message and called her phone. She doesn't pick up. I get her voice mail and decide to leave a similar message.

A couple of times I hear footsteps and I would turn to see if it was her. Finding latina bikini it wasn't, I would lean back again, staring at the concrete wall and wait. All the while imagining hot latinas sex doing the things her sexy voice vocalized on my voice mail.

I turn around latin sex mpeg at the sound of footsteps. I see that it is guy latino She heads towards me as she has the phone to her ear. With latina black ass way she looks at me, latino men I know she is listening to my message.

I slide off the hood of the car as she comes near. She turns off the phone and tosses it into her bag.

She stands in front of me and we look into each other's eyes for a moment. My eyes photos of hott latinas girls naked from her hypnotic eyes to her lips. At that moment, I hear the words of her message again in the back of my mind. Only this time, I imagined her lips moving. Saying those things.

Then I feel my body move. My mind wanted the physical sensations to accompany her words. My ears wanted to hear the sounds of our touching.

She too leans forward and our lips touched. That would then set off the rest of our bodies. We then grab at each other, kissing hard. Kissing faster and deeper. Drowning ourselves in the feeling and the words.

In our kissing and grabbing at each other, we found ourselves against the car by the hood.

My kissing moved from her lips down to her neck. I can hear her hissing something as my lips travelled further down her neck. I wonder if she was warning me someone was coming near so I move away from her. I notice the moist trail of my mouth down along her neck and lower. Her shirt is halfway unbuttoned. I peeled my gaze away from that trail to look at her.

Before I could look at her or look around to see how close the person or persons she was warning me about, I felt her hands grab at my head and pull me towards her lips. We kissed hard. I feel her lean back and I shift as to not crush her so our kiss isn't broken.

I feel myself leaning against her. I felt myself throbbing against her leg. She moans in my mouth latin women maids sex pics pulls my head back.

She looks into my eyes and tells me wallpaper of latina girls do to her what I had left on voice mail and pushes my head down.

Slightly confused and more than just a little excited, I found my hands sliding up her legs under her skirt.

My hands discovered that she had no panties on. Instead of waiting for her hands to finishing guiding my head, I quickly moved down.

I started doing what I had said to her on the message. Slowly at first and gradually going faster. I felt her legs on my shoulders. I let her guide me.

After a while of pleasing her, or maybe because I could not stand it any longer, I pull away.

I pull her lower off the car as I looked into her eyes. She sees the need in my eyes. Her eyes continue to lock with my eyes as her hands shot forward to undo my pants. Legs Galleries

She pulls free latina lesbo sex my pants and starts to touch me. Starts to do what she left on my voice mail. I grab at her hands and pull them away before I finish much quicker than I want.

I free nude pics of latina models one of her hands to my shoulder and the other to my mouth. I kissed her palm.

She continues to latina movies realplayer into my eyes as I bite gently on the side of her hand, below her thumb.

As I do this, I moved myself between pictures of latin american woman My teeth biting gently as I latina bikini carefully slide in her.

We move slowly but latina bikini hard against each other. Each latina bikini against each other, I would gently bite her palm. Slowly this turns into me sucking at the side of her thumb.

We push up against each other.

I suck at her skin, her thumb.

We continue this for a while, slowly becoming faster. Moving harder. latino women birthrates
I feel her moving faster. I let go of her hand and place latina bikini my hand by her hip against the car for support.

I lean in to kiss latina lesbian porn free videos as latina mpegs move faster. Our mouths smothering our grunts.

Suddenly I feel her legs and hands grab me, shoving me harder against her. I close my eyes and moved with her.

I don't want to stop before her.

I find myself kissing her neck as she softly moaned against my shoulder. I could feel the car moving with us.

We pushed harder against each other.

Faster. hardcore latina sex pic
I feel myself coming closer to finishing.

She moaned harder.

I push harder and she pushed deeper.

I feel her tense as I found myself biting her neck, not hard latina phone sex enough.

She growls at me, something about not being fair as she tenses up harder and pushes against me.

I male naked latinos myself tense. The sensation of her around me, against me and with me is too much.

I feel her move but I don't. I feel myself let go.

I find myself coming back to my senses and look at her.

She has her eyes closed and breathing hard.

I lean forward and kissed her lips.

She opens big free latinas movie eyes and smiles.

I ask her if she's ready to have some fun and wink at her.

She laughs.

latina bikini

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